Thursday, November 13, 2008


Laura Hayes, Mike Davis, Melissa McCarty, Bedia Barkoh, Josh King, Stephanie Moorman Jones, Debbie Burt Pepper and Audray Buhs in the Band Hall at Rider for Saturday's picnic.


Trey Burney and Justin Blackwell (Phd)
As good of a group photo as I could get right now. If you want a group photo stay tuned for details on how to get one.

Sarah Pearson, Cathy Doyle Arnaez and James Sanchez.
Five of the Top Ten: Melissa McCarty (Most Unchanged), Tommy Urquidez (Most Changed and yes, that's really him), Laura Hayes (Most Bizarre Job - goldsmith), Bedia Barkoh, and Kissi Torres Blackwell, MD.

Quite possibly the longest train in dancing history. The only thing longer? The song, "Come on Ride That Train" I think everyone was on the dance floor by the end of it!

Reunion Pictures

Gina Steger Maness, Stephanie Moorman Jones, Erin Vicars Barrett, Tara Caddel Morgan, Kelli Knecht Wyrick, Kendra Roberson Maroney, Keri McCoy Montz, Crystal Alexander Persick, Chad Wilson.
Trent Broadhurst, Kerry Persick, Bill Kelly, Heather Watson, Kelli Knecht Wyrick, Crystal Alexander Persick, Jeremy Skelton (Most Unchanged Guy), Erin Vicars Barrett, Tara Caddel Morgan, Thana Beyer Nipper, Stephanie Moorman Jones and Keri McCoy Montz.

Erin Vicars Barrett, Shana Jones, Tara Caddel Morgan, and Thana Beyer Nipper.

Michael Wagoner, Jared Petkoff, Lyndsey Byrd Wagoner, Crystal and Kerry Persick, Debbie Burt Pepper, Rachel Kelley, Kelli Knecht Wyrick and Heather Watson.

Kelli Knecht Wyrick, Erin Vicars Barrett, Keri McCoy Montz, Crystal Alexander Persick and Tara Caddel Morgan at the Tailgate Party.